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Because my soul is my beauty



Today’s society tries to reduce beauty to a sham in where women try to hide the effects of time,fatigue and the hazards that life may have had on their bodies. For Soul & Beauty, beauty is a language that allows women to boost their confidence through the expression of their personality and openness to the world.Which, still today, seems to be nothing but a dream for some but already a reality for Soul & Beauty. Our main goal is to share our dream and vision with people that will be able to embrace it : “ My Soul is My Beauty ”.


We define ourselves as beauty ambassadors that will share our acquired expertise in various areas such as IT and marketing mainly to create ways of communication. This will allow us to showcase people that will add value to the development of Belgium’s black beauty market.

In other words, we bring together professional or self-taught artists with people that are searching for particular talents for different occasions such as weddings, photo shoots, birthdays and so forth, where their beauty has to be a representation of their ambition.

our key terms are “ centralization “ and “ synergy “!


from the onset, black beauty has been and remains a mystery to those who do not live it everyday. There is more that exists beyond the box braids, nappy hair, and body lotions; more like a ritual, or better said, a beauty code.

The knowledge of these codes is much more than simple curiosity; you must live it to understand it completely.


During my last year of university, aware of the many difficulties many women face trying to find the correct information regarding black beauty, I wrote an essay entitled “How to develop a market for black beauty in Belgium?”

The arguments were based on two major findings; on one hand, the development of a black middle class in Belgium and on the other hand the awareness of what I called, black beauty. In fact, “black beauty” sets itself apart from beauty that was only equated to the one of the sub-Saharan women of Africa, because it includes a much larger variety of women. Through its diversity and its cultural blends, the black women is not only associated with women from sub-Saharan Africa. The latter is for Soul & beauty, the representation of a beauty that is vast.

Thanks to my final year dissertation, I had the chance to meet different people; some of who shared my vision of black beauty and it is with these same people that my journey officially began in February 2015 with the launch of our Facebook page.

We do not yet know what comes next, but one thing is certain; “when we write the story of our lives, we won’t let another person hold the pen for us.”


Values are the fundamental principles that guide the life of any companies and of every men and women that constitute it.

C’est pourquoi définir les valeurs de Soul & Beauty est essentiel au bon déroulement de notre projet car de celles-ci découleront notre mission, nos objectifs et surtout les décisions que nous aurons à prendre.


Les valeurs de Soul & Beauty sont des valeurs simples et contemporaines, depuis toujours au cœur de notre histoire, de notre développement et au cœur de notre projet :

  • Beauty
  • Pride
  • Authenticity
  • Excellence: “ Perfection is not attainable but if we aim for perfection, we can reach excellence.”.
  • Confidence

Si nos valeurs sont des leviers d’appartenance en interne, elles sont aussi des leviers de développement et de différenciation en externe. Elles sont le socle de notre réputation auprès de tous nos interlocuteurs. C’est bien l’association de nos 5 valeurs, c’est-à- dire notre « système de valeurs », qui fait la force et la spécificité de Soul & Beauty: un projet accessible à tous, attentif et proche de chacun, et un acteur qui contribuera quotidiennement au développement des individus et de la société toute entière.